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Acustica Beyma was born in 1969 as family company manufacturer of loudspeakers for professional applications developed especially for the Spanish market. By 1974, Acustica Beyma was representing Spain in the professional audio industry at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Germany: Europe’s largest trade show for musical instruments, lighting, recording and sound reinforcement equipment.

Two years later, in 1976, the company begins exporting to Germany, France and Belgium and its success in the European market prompts Beyma to spread towards Asia. In 1981, a second enlargement of the facilities becomes necessary, as the demand for the products grows. When Spain is incorporated to the European Union in 1986, the consolidation of these markets and the continuous growth in Asia allows the awaited introduction of Beyma into America.

In 1987 and 1995, Valencia’s Industry and Commerce Chamber gives Acustica Beyma an award to the export in recognition for its export business and international spirit.Once again, in 1996, due to the demonstrated success and demand for Beyma products, the company decides on a third enlargement of the facilities. Two years later, in 1998, the company obtains ISO 9001 and by 2000 Beyma had obtained several recognitions that confirmed the product quality and our excellence in management.

Since 2004, Beyma has participated several times at the Audio Engineering Society Convention, with presentations about the Frequency Domain Experiences in Loudspeakers’ Suspensions, the Measurement and Analysis of Subharmonics and Other Distortions in Compression Drivers, the Modal Analysis and Nonlinear Normal modes (NNM) on Moving Assemblies of Loudspeakers and the Stress Analysis on moving Assemblies and Suspensions of Loudspeakers.

In 2007, Beyma Acoustics took the decision to become green and taking its privileged position in an area that enjoys sunshine almost all year, we invested almost € 600,000 in installing a system of solar panels that allows us to balance the energy we consume with the energy we produce. Our goal became the 0% emission of CO2 to the atmosphere. Now, with nearly 700m² of the factory’s roof dedicated to 378 high-performance solar panels, the energy savings and thereby the reduction of the environmental impacts, are considerable.

The clean energy that the solar panels installed by Beyma produces annually, avoids throwing to the environment 36,500 kg of CO2, 43.7 kg of sulphur dioxide, 35.64 kg of nitrogen oxide and 205 cc of radioactive waste.With this action Beyma bets to minimize the environmental impact that the manufacture of its speakers may cause, leaving patent his commitment to innovation in generating new energies.

Acustica Beyma remains at the forefront in terms of caring for the environment, innovation and development of ecological awareness.

In 2008, we introduced a unique an innovative industrial model completely customized to the needs of our manufacturing plant and a semiautomatic line which gives all our products exceptional reliability and consistency. Later in the year, Beyma patented the Hélicex Technology, through which we are able to produce loudspeakers capable of handling powers over the 1500 Watts with very low power compression loss.

Today Acustica Beyma is still a company with family capital. We have a highly developed management model, nourished by a team of young professionals with high skills in engineering and management.